Handmade art from our home to yours

My name is Shelby! I am a stay at home mama to a little girl named Adeline and a proud wife to the most caring husband. I started painting in 2019 shortly after giving birth to my daughter as a way to pass the time. I quickly fell in love with art and I opened the shop with the hopes that just one person would find joy in my work and buy it. In 2021, my small family of 3 moved to our beautiful 163 year old Victorian home in Greensburg, IN & our family morphed into one big household that included my older sister & brother in law. Shortly after, my sister & I decided to start working together to create the most amazing pieces of art & we combined our talents into one. 
Each item in our shop is made with our whole heart and made right here in our home. We laser cut, engrave, paint, glue, assemble, seal & package everything by hand! Portraits and other paintings are all done by me (Shelby) whether it is on wood, canvas, glass, or done digitally. When you buy from our small shop, you're buying something unique, something that you can't buy from Walmart or Hobby Lobby, something that means more than just a piece of decoration. When you buy from our small shop, you are supporting a true family like yours! 

Xx Shelby